About PARKatlanta

PARKatlanta is a collaborative initiative led by the City's Department of Public Works that is modernizing the City's parking operations to improve convenience, access, fairness, and service for City motorists, residents, businesses, and visitors.

The program will bring:

  • New technology to allow parkers to pay for parking using coins, bills and credit cards
  • Enhanced signage to make parking restrictions easier to identify
  • Periodic patrolling to ensure fair access and use of parking resources
  • Increased payment options for motorists who receive violations, including web and toll-free phone payment options
The objective of PARKatlanta is to implement and align policies, technologies, and other resources to make parking in and around the City more efficient, convenient, accessible, and user-friendly. Under the program, motorists will be able to locate convenient parking, be able to take advantage of multiple payment options, and easily access commercial, government, and residential destinations.

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Press Releases

11.21.2013 | City of Atlanta Announces Pay-by-Cell Parking Payment Option

5.31.2013 | New Single-Space Parking Meters Bring Convenience of Payment Options to Atlanta

4.19.2011 | Attention: PARKatlanta Impounds

10.13.2010 | PARKatlanta Issues Refunds for Towing

9.27.2010 | Judge's Ruling Does Not Affect PARKatlanta Parking Tickets

7.20.2010 | Overnight Parking Restrictions Eliminated in Certain Metered Parking Areas in the City

6.10.2010 | Department of Public Works to Implement Recommendations to Improve Parking Enforcement

5.13.2010 | Public Advisory Notice of Temporary Moratorium on Parking Enforcement

3.1.2010 | Atlanta to Install New Pay-By-Space Parking Meters

1.4.2010 | Public Parking Management Agency to Begin Booting & Towing

10.1.2009 | City of Atlanta Introduces New Parking Management Agency